Endradil Alleys
Welcome to Endradil
Welcome to my playground of sorts. I know most websites come right out and try to explain why they are what they are, and what it is they are trying to do, and following form I will lead this page out by explaining as best I can, what Endradil is. Endradil is an idea, one I came up with years ago, although not in this form. I was still just a child at the time, exploring the world, and I decided that I would like to create my own, upstairs in the empty space between my ears. I filled it with all kinds of people, and creatures, and history, shaping it after the model of Middle Earth and the Four Lands I had become so infatuated with. It didn't take me long to find I was a lousy author, especially when compared to Tolkein and Brooks. That didn't really stop me and over the years I evolved Endradil from one form to the next, wiping the slate clean and starting over on more than one occasion. This website is simply the next reincarnation of the idea of a young boy, grown up now (mostly), who wanted to build his own world. And with that, once again, I welcome you to Endradil. May your visit be pleasant and long, and don't be afraid to return whenever your own world inside your head seems insufficent, as they all do from time to time.
Site Projects
As should be obvious to most people large portions of Endradil are currently under construction. The list of current projects is even under construction. I am currently attempting to fix everything that was broken in the process of moving/reformatting the server/losing my databases. Hopefully I will get to work on all of this soon.
Recent News
Recent Work
I haven't worked on the site in a couple weeks, but I still managed to rebuild portions of it since my last post. The Site News area is beginning to look like its former self, even if the more complicated behind the scenes bits are still on the fritz. Hopefully more progress will be made soon.